Little Mountain Brewing Company

Little Mountain Brewing Company serves craft brewers of all shapes and sizes…whether you’re new to the hobby and need some advice on how to get started, or a seasoned veteran looking to ramp up to a 15 gallon batch or step up to an all grain brew system.

Recipes and Ingredients

Little Mountain stocks a full line of  ingredients to dyna glo premium charcoal grill make the finest beer you’ll ever taste…your own! For home brewer’s, we provide dozens of “stock” recipes for you to work with.  For the more advanced brewers, we have a book section where you can find or design something that even we haven’t tried. Whatever you choose to brew, chances are we’ll have the ingredients on hand.

Brew on Premises

Tired of the mess? Can’t get that cooling system to work? Spouse doesn’t like the smell of boiling hops? Then try our “Brew-on-Premises” kettle system. You can go the quick and easy route with extracts, or, for the more advanced brewers, we’re installing a mash tun for “all-grain” brewing. Either way, we let you  concentrate on char broil 2 burner gas grill making great beer while we do the hard part…clean up after you!

Bottling and Kegging

Beer ferments completely and is ready to enjoy in about two to three weeks. If you choose our Brew on Premises option, we’ll schedule an appointment so you can come back and bottle it, or keg it. We’ll help you choose the best packaging options, from plain bottles to corked belgians to a complete home kegerator system with your own customized tap handles. Not only do we help you label you need this portable electric grill (review) bottles with your own “brand”, we can even make custom tap handles for your keg system!

Whatever your need as a craft brewer, we’re here to help.